Miami Hurricanes
Ceramic Helmet Planter
with Faux Succulent - 2 Pack

Perfect for Home, Office or as a gift!


  • Officially Licensed.

  • Lifelike Faux Succulent.

  • Available Year Round.

  • Plant Type May Vary.

Add a touch of nature and fandom to your fan cave, dorm, home or office with our Team Pride Ceramic Helmet Planter with Faux Succulent. This Faux version looks lifelike and is perfect fot desktop, bedside table or bookshelf caddy. Perfect gift For The Deep Rooted Fan!

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  • Regular price $24.99

Product Specifications

  • SIZE
  • Container Size: 3.5" Ceramic Helmet Planter
  • Plant Height: 5-6" (Including Container)
  • Plant Width: 3.5" (Including Container)

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