Auburn Tigers
Cool Weather Flower Mix

Perfect for your Game Day Decorating, or send as a gift!



  • Blooms until early summer

  • Spring delivery late February through early April

  • Fall delivery September through November

Add some color to your Game Day decorations with Sporticulture™ Cool Weather Flower Mixes! Professionally grown Cool Weather Flower Mixes in custom printed, licensed pots these colorful expressions of team pride come with a keepsake Hang Tag and are great for home decorating, tailgating, or as gifts!


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Maximum quantity allowed 4.

Product Specifications

  • Size
    • Height: 8"-10"
    • Width: 8"-10"
  • Light Requirements
    • Outdoors - Full sun to part shade
    • Indoors - Bright, sunny location
  • Water Requirements
    • Water as needed, when soil becomes dry to the touch
  • Shipping Information
    • Sold seasonally in the spring and fall, plants ordered in season will ship within two weeks of order date
    • All live plant packages receive express shipping to ensure product freshness
    • Each Pansy Mix will have some opening flowers and lots of buds
    • To ensure a beautiful plant, please take out of box immediately upon arrival!
    • Any questions should be directed to



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