Seattle Seahawks
Team Color Mum

Perfect for your Game Day Decorating,
or send one as a gift!



  • Blooms in the Fall, just in time for Football Season

  • Available in Team Colors

  • Delivery September through Mid-October

Add some color to your Game Day decorations with Sporticulture™ Team Color Mums!

Teamscape your front porch, deck, patio, or party with Sporticulture™ Team Color Mums. These officially licensed chrysanthemums come in custom logo graphic containers accented with a unique keepsake tag. Vibrant fall flowers in your Team colors are hand selected by professional growers and ship direct from the greenhouse to your door! A festive addition to your fall decor, game day decorations, tailgate parties, and special celebrations. Makes the perfect gift For The Deep Rooted Fan!

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  • Regular price $24.99

Maximum quantity allowed 4.

Details and Dimensions:

  • SIZE
  • Officially Licensed
  • Sold Seasonally-Ships September-October
  • Approximate Container Dimensions: 8 inches length x 8 inches width x 6 inches height
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions: 12 inches length x 12 inches width x 14 inches height
  • Package Dimensions; weight: 8 inches length x 8 inches width x 18 inches height; 5 pounds
  • Container Material: Plastic
  • Drainage Holes
  • Keepsake Tag with Plastic Stake
  • Plant Variety: Chrysanthemums
  • Mums ship with buds and some bloom
Product Care:
Water as needed, when soil becomes dry to the touch. Outdoor use put in full sun to partial shade. For indoor display, place in bright, sunny location.


Product Warning:
To ensure healthy plant, remove from box immediately upon arrival. Each plant will have some blooms and lots of buds.


Shipping Information:
  • Each Team Color Flower pot will have some opening flowers and lots of buds. To ensure a beautiful plant, please take out of box immediately upon arrival!
  • Sold Seasonally. Fall plants ship in September and October
  • Plants ordered in season will ship within two weeks of order date.
  • All live plant packages receive express shipping to ensure product freshness.
  • Any questions should be directed to
  • Do to agricultural restrictions we are unable to ship live plants to California.
  • Live plants do not ship over weekends or holidays to prevent damage/spoilage.

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